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Posted in SPORTS on February 1, 2010 by thebigpaulbowski

I woke up on Sunday afternoon and couldn’t believe what I was reading on the internet. It seemed that the hockey Gods were working overtime and wanted to give us something to talk about. So here we go…

1. Phaneuf and Cuthbert join the Leafs – Two years ago he was the second coming of Al MacInnis, now he’s a Maple Leaf. Big weekend for Toronto, as first they blow a three goal lead and then they trade half their team.Elisha Cuthbert

2. Winners keep Winning – The Canucks kept their winning streak alive as did the Caps and Sens. Watch out for Thursday night as Van City brings the Sedin show into Ottawa.

3. #16 for Fed – Roger won his record 16th major early Sunday morning. He easily handled Andy Murray on his way to the record books.

4. Edge Returns – For all you wrestling fans, the Royal Rumble was on Sunday night. Canadian Adam Copeland aka Edge made his return as a surprise entry into the Rumble. Edge had been out since rupturing his achilles tendon last year. Edge came into the Rumble as the second last entry and eliminated John Cena for the big win.


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Posted in SPORTS on January 30, 2010 by K-CITY

With spring training only one month away and opening day at the beginning of March, I have dedicated a whole instalment of TGTBTU to the Blue Jay’s roster. If you don’t like the Jay’s screw you and stay tuned for more meaningless posts about boobs, balls, and boners.

we love bjs


With Frasor an almost sure thing for opening day closer, his support crew will include Downs, Carlson, Camp, Tallet, Roenicke, Hayhurst, Janssen, Accardo, Zinicola. In my opinion, the bullpen looks pretty good even with the missing tattooed fastball throwing arm of Brandon League.

Aaron Hill and Adam Lind will be returning after career years. Aaron is an all-star second baseman with a bat handcrafted by angels. Adam will likely return as DH to bag more homers than Lurleen Lumpkin.

Shortstop pick-up A. Gonzalez looks poised to be a decent addition to the Jays left-infield. He had an all-star appearance in 1999, won a ring with Florida in 2003 and has a career .247 batting average. He is only around for a year but hopefully, by the grace of the baseball gods, we could see John McDonald somehow get some pop in his bat because he stops more balls than (insert sluts name)’s chin and is one of the fan favorites here in Toronto.

jays streakerTHE BAD:

With the Doc gone, one possible starting rotation is Romero, Marcum, Morrow, Rzepczynski, and Cecil, with Richmond, Purcey and McGowan also available. This is highly tentative though because almost all of these guys other than Romero could easily make or break their job in spring training.



In order to become a contender in the impossible AL East, every position must be cemented with a Grade A player. Though newly signed former Royal John Buck is good for a few homers and a decent average, he is only here for one year and doesn’t even really have a back-up let alone a replacement.

The only sure thing in the outfield is that Vernon Wells will be standing in centre field eating Spitz with one hand down the front of his pants. He is the perfect example of why seven year contracts don’t work. Last year, his blatant laziness produced many dropped balls and a stretch of 41 games without a homerun. Do you ever wonder why during a 0-for-21 spell he never gets mad or throws a helmet? It’s because he plain and simple does not give a fuck. If I was going to make $12.5 million this year regardless of stats, I wouldn’t try that hard either…. oh wait….. yes I would.



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Posted in SPORTS on January 29, 2010 by thebigpaulbowski

Saturday is hockey day in Canada and Sunday is the men’s tennis final down under. Today is the day we hit the pub, drink Keith’s and eat burning hot wings. So lets get to it.

1. Ottawa over Montreal -145 – Alfie and the boys look to win their franchise record ninth straight. They’ll get it done on home ice here as they continue to get stellar goaltending and timely goals.


2. The Canucks over the Leafs –150 – The Canucks fly into to Toronto on Saturday looking to keep their win streak alive. No surprise here as they keep rolling and the Leafs keep sliding.

3. Pro Bowl over 54 1/2 – The NFL made a huge move this year, moving their annual all-star game to the week before the Super Bowl. I love the fact that it’s at the same location as the big game but I hate the fact that no one’s playing in the big game.

4. Federer over Murray –180 – I remember two years ago the guys over at PTI said that Roger Federer was done and he wouldn’t win another Major. Since then he’s won three and been in the finals at the two he lost. Look for him to pick up major number six-teen this weekend, and if we aren’t already, lets start calling him the best ever.


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Posted in SPORTS on January 29, 2010 by thebigpaulbowski


Some big winning streaks going on in the NHL right now. The Sens and Capitals have both won eight in a row while the Vancouver Canucks aren’t too far behind with six consecutive victories. Over in the NBA our beloved Raptors have overcome trailing double-digits to win four straight and the Calgary Flames have even jumped on the band-wagon, starting a nice streak of there own.

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Posted in SPORTS on January 26, 2010 by thebigpaulbowski

Hold on Canuck fans, here’s a picture of Chantel Elloway, a huge Fla…. Wait a second…..


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Posted in SPORTS on January 26, 2010 by K-CITY

Cranbrook, BC boy Brad Lukowich scored the winning goal and Henrik got two more points (now 6 ahead of Ovie) as the ‘Nucks took down Buffalo 3-2 to win their fifth straight.

Vancouver is now tied with Colorado for the lead in the division and 3rd in the western conference.

Meanwhile, the Calgary Flames lost their 6th in a row. Hopefully Captain Canada is just pretending he sucks and this 11 game streak with no goals and only 2 assist is over by the Olympics.

Not that it matters anyways, pretty sure Jerome is a 4th liner and won’t see much ice time.

To celebrate the Flame’s loss Canuck’s win, here is a pic of Chantel Elloway, a Vancouver model with a flair for Canuck’s jerseys and DB’s (see her MySpace). 

canucks girl

Good luck finding a Flame’s girl that looks like this. If you do, link it in the comments and HMB? will send you a free tissue and hat that says “I’m a loser”.

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Posted in SPORTS on January 25, 2010 by thebigpaulbowski

Lots of trade rumours around the NHL right now, we’re at the halfway mark of the season and teams pretty much know what they’re working with… kovalchuk

1. Kovalchuk Sweepskates – Things in Atlanta are really heating up. It looks like a foregone conclusion that the Russian sniper and face of the franchise won’t be around after the trade deadline but where’s he going to end up? The two front runners right now are Calgary and Chicago with Boston and LA making it known that he won’t go to a contender without a fight.

2. Dion Phaneuf – Speaking of the Flames, the talk on the redmile is that Dion has worn out his welcome and the Team is trying desperately to dump him, his salary and Elisha Cuthbert. So could we see a Dion for Kovalchuk swap?

3. Toronto Maple Leafs – On Saturday Brian Burke made it known to the whole league that the leafs are still in the hunt and that they won’t be sellers come the deadline. The Leafs are in desperate need of another goal scorer but do they have the young talent and draft picks to get a player like Kovalchuk?

4. Amare Stoudemire – I know that us Canadians don’t really care about basketball but there’s noise coming out of Phoenix right now that Amare is on the block. He says that he wants to go to a contender and apparently the Cavs are very seriously looking at picking him up.

5. Defensemen not named Dion – It looks like the Ducks have given up on the season as Scott Niedermayer appears to be headed back to the East Coast. And today the Oilers made it official that Sheldon Souray is available to the highest bidder, although he has a no-trade clause so he can veto any move made, sadly, his wife will be leaving with him.


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