I woke up on Sunday afternoon and couldn’t believe what I was reading on the internet. It seemed that the hockey Gods were working overtime and wanted to give us something to talk about. So here we go…

1. Phaneuf and Cuthbert join the Leafs – Two years ago he was the second coming of Al MacInnis, now he’s a Maple Leaf. Big weekend for Toronto, as first they blow a three goal lead and then they trade half their team.Elisha Cuthbert

2. Winners keep Winning – The Canucks kept their winning streak alive as did the Caps and Sens. Watch out for Thursday night as Van City brings the Sedin show into Ottawa.

3. #16 for Fed – Roger won his record 16th major early Sunday morning. He easily handled Andy Murray on his way to the record books.

4. Edge Returns – For all you wrestling fans, the Royal Rumble was on Sunday night. Canadian Adam Copeland aka Edge made his return as a surprise entry into the Rumble. Edge had been out since rupturing his achilles tendon last year. Edge came into the Rumble as the second last entry and eliminated John Cena for the big win.


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  1. thebigpaulbowski Says:

    Looks like Calgary is cleaning house a little bit more. I just read a report on tsn.ca that says they’ve got a deal almost finished with the Rangers…looks to me like they’re clearing cap room for Kovalchuk

  2. Hmmm that’s a pretty interesting theory, I didn’t even think about that. They have competition in LA, who is aggressively looking for Kovy. It seems kinda weird for a team that’s 8th in the West to blow their team up like they’re 13th in the East or something. I like moving Jokinen a lot more than moving Phaneuf, I don’t think they got fair value for Phaneuf but Ian White is underrated, Hagman and Stajan are both top-6 guys, I’m kinda on the fence, that huge contract makes it hard to watch Phaneuf be average but I think they might have needed some patience there. Looks like the Flames want to win, and they want to win now.
    I’m hearing Higgins and Kotalik for Jokinen (from puck daddy), which would keep both teams about the same in terms of cap (5.2-ish), and the Phaneuf deal cleared about 2 million for Calgary.

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